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  • Digital Marketing Guide: Write Better Business Blogs

    Need some digital marketing inspiration? You’re in the right place! Sometimes business gets busy, and sometimes it’s hard to stick to a blogging schedule. But if your marketing strategy includes uploading monthly or weekly blogs onto your website, or sharing them on social media - you must make the time for it! Great blogs bring fresh, new content to our website. This boosts our SEO, and helps our website perform better on Google. Sharing interesting and helpful blogs on social media also engages our audiences, and can bring targeted traffic to our website! So whether you are a marketing manager, digital marketing agency, or you’re looking for marketing help for your business, we've got some helpful tips to craft the perfect blogs.  Most people think that writing is all about writing. And whilst that does seem logical, it’s more like 60% of writing is writing. And the pen to paper part comes last! The planning and research done prior to writing makes or breaks a blog. So let’s get this part right: And to make it easier, we’ve created the 4 W’s technique. Why , Who , What , Write ! Why… are we writing this blog? Okay, first things first, why  are we writing this blog? Sounds silly, but the why  is super important. Why? Well, it’ll help us to create a blog that your audience loves, and supports your wider marketing goals too. Is it to give your audience helpful, informative tips? Or to help resolve a popular issue or question? Is it to share some topical industry news? Or to celebrate exciting business updates? Is it to boost your SEO score, or to make your website perform better on Google? Or to help your audience get to know a specific service, product or team member a little better? There are endless topics you could write about. And, whilst it could include a combination of the following reasons above, the key is to keep it focussed. Choose a subject, write it down, and stay on topic. Digital content typically performs best when it’s nice and easy to read, but it must be concise and structured too. Start to jot down initial ideas, and keep a note of your subject  and your why  in front of you. If you have any thoughts that start to go off topic, save them as notes for another blog.  Who: Know your audience  Understanding your audience is key to any successful blog (or social media campaign, or marketing strategy!) So who  are we writing for? Are they local businesses in Yorkshire searching for digital marketing tips? Are they B2B businesses in Huddersfield, who need help with informative social media content? Are they well established businesses in Leeds, looking to stay relevant and increase brand awareness? Or perhaps SME’s in Manchester boosting their website SEO organically? Outline who  you want to talk to, be specific, and get ready to tailor your content to meet their needs and interests.  What: Researching Content, Ideas and trends Social Media If you’re struggling for content ideas, and even if you’re not struggling for ideas, it’s always great to research at the start of the blog-writing process. Start by looking at what content your audience is already engaging with in your industry. Search Tik Tok for other businesses that sell similar products or services to you. Don’t copy content, instead, look for opportunities and knowledge gaps you can fill. Take a look at the comments on their posts, too. You’ll find lots of questions from people in your target audience. Choose a question, and answer it in a blog format!  Remember, blogs can be about anything and everything, but most importantly, write about the things that your audience cares about. Friendly, useful information about your product or service always works well. Keywords Your website's keywords can also be great subject inspiration, too. If your audience searches Google for things like: websites, social media and digital marketing, write blogs about these topics. Remember, your content should answer their questions, share your knowledge, and add value. This one is a win, win with a cherry on top; by using your keywords, you’ll be boosting your own website's SEO, and adding value to your own digital marketing strategy. Your Experiences Often our own experiences can serve as research, and inspiration ideas can be found organically during your day-to-day. Make a ‘Blog Inspiration’ Doc on your phone. Ask your audience online what content would help them. And whenever a customer asks you a question, note it down alongside how you helped them resolve the issue. Ask other team members or departments to do the same. Each one of these questions can become a useful blog to post on social media and your website. Chances are, if one person has this problem, others will too. Soon you’ll become a content hub of valuable information for your audience!  And when you’re in doubt… Remember, you’re the expert at your subject, so be confident in sharing your knowledge. And if you have a digital marketing team, they will have become masters of your business and audience too! Try to think of this as just having a nice chat with a customer.  Googling the latest research or industry news can help inform your blog, but don’t be tempted to use AI or rewrite other businesses blogs. Your audience wants your knowledge, your brand and your voice. Regurgitating other brands content won’t help to connect with your audience. We want to read your perspective, thoughts and tips. We want your personality. Your team. Your service or product. Your business isn’t a copy and paste. So don’t copy and paste your content! Also, in the age of AI content, your brand has an amazing opportunity to stand out with a nice and friendly human voice 😊 And now we’re feeling confident and full of ideas, we can write ! Don’t worry though, if your mind has gone blank again, next week's blog will be a step by step guide of how to write a great business blog. In the meantime, have a super week, and happy writing! Katie :)

  • How Labour used TikTok to help win the General Election

    It (hopefully!) goes without saying that social media did not win or lose the general election. But the digital marketing that led up to the general election was too tasty not to discuss. This blog isn’t really about politics. But whether you are red, blue, green, yellow (or any other colour!), we can all learn from the Tory’s 2024 TikTok marketing disaster. Oh sorry, campaigns. So, when did political parties start using TikTok as part of their social media strategy? Well, 2024. This was the first time TikTok has EVER been used as part of general elections marketing efforts. When the general election was called, Labour took the lead and set up an account.  They started sharing entertaining topical posts, and whilst the content had clear political agendas and messages, the fun, short-form content was very TikTok friendly. Content was designed specifically for the platform, and for TikTok audiences. Queue memes, trending topics, and funny jabs at the Conservatives. Oh, and of course, Barry from Eastenders. Conservatives took note, and Rishi Entered TikTok. But his marketing team or Digital Agency took a very different approach. Memes and Barry content were nowhere to be seen, and instead, a more straight-talking, conversational strategy was adopted. We saw this as a strategy to inform and connect with people. This campaign felt like it was designed to position Rishi as one of the people. He invited people to ask him questions, to address their concerns, and to set the record straight. This approach and campaign could have worked well. People started asking Rishi questions on TikTok, and he answered. But the content flopped. The digital marketing and strategy was good in theory. But TikTok audiences simply did not like Rishi’s answers 🫣 😂 Meanwhile, Labour continued their campaign of memes and short form entertaining content. Their content spread their political message, made jabs at Rishi, and TikTok loved it. It outperformed traditional social media political content, engaged new audiences, and created new communities. The content was so loved, that the Conservatives changed their marketing campaign. Their strategy to inform and invite conversation was scrapped. Instead, Rishi joined in with memes.  And whilst you have to applaud his digital marketing agency for their effort, you also know that you should never put your main man in front of a blank canvas 🤦‍♀️ 😂  Labour’s incredible digital marketing agency responded with all the humour and wit you’d expect. It’s been entertaining to watch the digital marketing efforts of the party’s evolve over the past few months, but it’s also a great reminder that it’s never too late to start social media marketing for your business. If your B2C or B2B business needs a hand with TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, we’d love to help! Finding the right marketing team for you! You might be searching Google for things like: Digital Agency Yorkshire. Or asking to find the best: Marketing Agency Huddersfield. And there will be lots! There are brilliant Digital Agencies in Huddersfield, and great Marketing Agencies in Yorkshire. You just need to find the right team for you! So if you think that we might be able to help, please get in touch 😊 Ready to see how we can help? You can call 07903731455 anytime to talk to Katie, or our office number is 01484 950560. Alternatively, ping us a message, and one of the team will be in touch!

  • Business Social Media Accounts: Internal marketing team vs Digital Marketing Agency

    Ooooh should you build an internal marketing and social media team, or is an external Digital Marketing agency even better? Well, here at Marketing Yorkshire, we’re lovers and collaborators, so for us, this isn’t so much of a ‘which is better’ debate. Internal marketing teams can be amazing. And external digital agencies can also be amazing. They’re just different, so I suppose the question should really be ‘what is best for my business.’ Digital Marketing Agency < Budget Opening with money talk isn’t usually our thing. But we all love to see cost effective strategies and best ROI. So here’s the money talk: a common rule of thumb is that B2B companies should spend between 2 and 5% of their revenue on marketing. For B2C companies, the proportion is often higher—between 5 and 10%. On average in 2024, companies are spending 7.7% of their revenue on marketing. So how do we allocate digital marketing and social media costs? In 2022, around 25% of the average marketing budget was spent on digital marketing and advertising. But if you’re planning your marketing spend for 2024/ 2025, at least 50% of your marketing budget will be saved for digital marketing. As trends towards digital marketing continue to rise, it’s time to future proof your social media and digital marketing strategy. This starts with getting the right team in place. Building the best social media team for your brand If you’re looking to grow an internal marketing or digital team, you’ll probably start with a Marketing Manager, a graphic designer and a writer. The Marketing Manager will develop digital marketing strategies, coordinate workloads and deliver multi-channel campaigns. They’ll take care of things like your social media planning and scheduling, blogs, website reviews, email campaigns, marketing performance reporting. They’ll also look after your social media team, and plan events and content shoots. Experience, a strategic eye, and organisation is key to this role. In 2024, the average Marketing Manager salary in the UK ranged from £40k-55k. Next in your marketing team is your graphic designer. It’s their job to create impressive brand visuals that catch your target audience's eye. They’ll ensure that your social media content is consistent across all platforms, and that your employees all have company branded banners. Aside from social media, they’ll keep all of your internal and external communications and marketing/ tender documents on brand, according to your brand guidelines. You want someone with an eye for design and detail, and a creative flair. They also need technical skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and a number of video-making platforms; for a mid-weight designer, expect a salary of between 30k-40k. A copywriter will keep your brand voice consistent across your social media channels. They’ll also create stories and content that is just too interesting to ignore. They will story-board innovative video ideas, create cheeky email subject lines, and plan thought leadership articles that will set your digital marketing channels apart. Your audience will love reading your website blogs, and they’ll improve your SEO through expert keyword research. So how much does this marketing magic cost? £25k–£50k depending on experience. And whilst most small and medium sized businesses need all of these specialist skills, you might find that an internal marketing team will spend a little bit of each work day twiddling their thumbs. You need all the skills, but not all of the hours. There is a lot to do, but in most cases, the workload doesn’t really justify employing three people full time. So, on the modest end, an internal marketing department will set you back £90k. Oh and that’s before employee benefits, equipment costs, recruitment fees and all of the not-so-cheap pay-by-monthly marketing and design platforms. Now we’re not saying we’re cheap… But we’re significantly cheaper than employing an internal marketing team. We bring all of the skills, experience and results you’d expect from a full marketing department. But because we’re a remote marketing hub, we’re far more cost effective. With our monthly retainers, we support businesses across Huddersfield, Yorkshire and the UK, and we are proud to deliver outstanding value and ROI. You’ll have your very own marketing team, complete with graphic design, social media, digital marketing, copywriting and digital strategy at your fingertips. And you’ll work directly with Jake and Katie as your point of contact. It’s a nice balance of big agency ideas, small agency service. And if the marketing budget takes a hit… Well if you are marketing right, your annual digital marketing spend should only increase. But let’s be honest, if the worst comes to the worst, it’s a lot cheaper to replace a digital agency than an in-house team. And if you team up with us, we’re pretty confident you’ll stay. Marketing Yorkshire is all about being your friendly marketing team, and we’re proud that many of our partners have been with us for four years and counting. So why do they stick around? Well, it’s not for Jake’s jokes, that’s for sure. We listen, we make marketing fun, and we bring results :) Finding the right marketing team for you! You might be searching Google for things like: Digital Agency Yorkshire. Or asking to find the best: Marketing Agency Huddersfield. And there will be lots! There are brilliant Digital Agencies in Huddersfield, and great Marketing Agencies in Yorkshire. You just need to find the right team for you! So if you think that we might be able to help, please get in touch 😊 Ready to see how we can help? You can call 07903731455 anytime to talk to Katie, or our office number is 01484 950560. Alternatively, ping us a message, and one of the team will be in touch!

  • Yorkshire Digital Agency Brings Life To Your Socials

    The Basics: Talk Less Like A Stuffy Business, And More Like Yourself. Hi, I’m Katie, and I’m one half of Marketing Yorkshire! Jake is the other half. We’re a family run business, and although Yorkshire is in our name, we’re not really from Yorkshire. We don’t even have Northern accents 😲. We're from the midlands originally, but we moved to Holmfirth to give our children a more welly-boots lifestyle. Fast forward five years, and our four mini people all love pies, and they say things like, ‘I didn’t say ‘owt’, so we feel very Yorkshire. The sheep and the adventures in the woods are cute. But the most special thing about Yorkshire? The people ♥. They are the friendliest faces you’ll ever meet. And we are the friendliest digital agency you’ll ever find. So we set up Marketing Yorkshire, and we haven’t looked back! Marketing Company Yorkshire: best people, best service, best results. As a Yorkshire Digital Agency, we work really hard to give our customers the best support. We’re always at the end of the phone, and we work closely with our clients to get the best results. Yes, there are amazing Digital Agencies and Marketing companies nationwide. But there is something extra special about Marketing Yorkshire. Even if we say so ourselves. There is a real honesty and openness here. People have time for you. They’ll help you. And they’ll welcome you as their own. People say what they think, and they help where they can. Everyone works hard, and everyone is proud. Everyone drinks lot a of tea, too. Except Jake, who drinks coffee 😂. So what has this got to do with marketing? And how will this help your socials? When you’re on LinkedIn or Facebook, think about how many posts you scroll past. What doesn’t catch your attention? It’s likely to be ads. They’re quite scroll-pastable. But also anything that sounds, well, dull. Lifeless. Corporate. Yuk. If your socials sound formal and politician-like, they’re probably not very, um social 😬. But this isn’t hard to change. We just need some personality. And even if you ooze personality, you might struggle to pen that down. People usually fall into two categories: The overthinkers. You write a social media post. Then you re-draft, edit, tweak and twist the post into something that has lost all meaning. It’s just words. Probably lots of words. To save this, you either need to start again and stick to the key points, or you need to cut out the junk. Have one point to write about, and don’t deviate. Be nice and concise. Simple sentences, without too much fluff. Oh and an extra cheeky bonus? Any unrelated material and ideas can be saved and repurposed for another day, too! The nothing to say-ers. You’ve just had the busiest day. Month in fact. But you sit down to write a social media post about all of the amazing business updates, and you can’t think of one thing to write. You start to question: Will anyone enjoy reading this? Is this businessy enough? Will it be detrimental to share certain things online? And by questioning all of your amazing potential shares, you are left with nothing to share. Writing a post spontaneously can work. But for most, it’s best to jot down ideas in your Notes on your phone. Everyday occurrences. Things that make you smile when you’re at work. Little wins. Challenges you’ve helped your customers overcome. Your new work shirt you love. Literally anything and everything can be developed into useful content - and the more personality you share, the better! Whatever you do, don’t talk like what you think a business should talk like. Just talk like yourself. A nice helpful human. And if you’re still struggling, we can help! As a Yorkshire Digital Agency, we’ve helped over 200 businesses with marketing and digital magic. And for us, the key is always people-focussed. Why? Well, we’re trying to stamp out dull content. And also fake, lifeless content. On every App you scroll, you’ll find AI generated content. It’s fast to produce, it’s clever, and it’s everywhere. The World Economic Forum said researchers predict that as much as 90% of online content may be synthetically generated by 2026. 90% 😲. But while AI is repurposing ideas and content, we’re busy sharing the new and interesting stuff 😏. The Rise of AI: Cool, But Is It Personal? You’ve probably noticed the rise of AI in marketing—content being churned out by machines, algorithms predicting what you want before you even know it yourself. It’s all very clever and, yes, it can be quite useful. But let’s face it, while AI can mimic human language, it often misses that personal touch that makes content truly engaging. It just doesn’t have that Yorkshireness. It’s like comparing a mass-produced cup of tea to one brewed just the way you like it. I like Yorkshire Tea with lots of milk, please! Just Be Yourself In Yorkshire, people buy from people. It's about sharing a laugh, catching up about your family, and connecting on a personal level. Because when you know your customer, you don’t need fancy jargon or flashy algorithms to get your message across. You just talk, like you would if you bumped into them at the shops. And that personal touch is getting more and more important. Not just in Yorkshire. As digital agencies rely more on AI technology, and face to face communication is getting increasingly replaced by digital and online marketing, businesses have a golden opportunity to stand out. Instead of blending into the sea of AI-generated content, our unique voices can stand out. Our marketing strategies are all about sharing stories, experiences, and insights that only you can provide. After all, people connect with people, not machines. Marketing Strategy: Yorkshire Agency Style Marketing is about helping people, sharing information and connecting people. And when you do that, your sales increase too. We understand that effective marketing isn’t about throwing around buzzwords or confusing customers with complex language. It’s about keeping it simple, relatable, and genuine. So here’s how to create an honest and effective marketing strategy: Know Your Audience: Whether they’re a local farmer or a tech startup founder, we need to take the time to understand who they are and what they need. Speak Their Language: Forget business talk that leaves people scratching their heads. We explain what we do, and how we help, clearly and straightforwardly. Personal Touch: We create content that feels like a conversation. Imagine you’re chatting with a friend over a brew. The Personal Touches In a world where AI is becoming increasingly prevalent, it’s more important than ever to stick to what we do best: being human. We write in a nice natural tone to create content that people actually enjoy reading; our aim is to engage and build genuine connections. After all, that’s what marketing is all about. Finding the right team for you! You might be searching Google for things like: Digital Agency Yorkshire. Or asking to find the best: Marketing Agency Huddersfield. And there will be lots! There are brilliant Digital Agencies in Huddersfield, and great Marketing Agencies in Yorkshire. You just need to find the right team for you! If you think that we might be able to help, please get in touch 😊 Ready to see how we can help? You can call 07903731455 anytime to talk to Katie, or our office number is 01484 950560. Alternatively, ping us a message, and one of the team will be in touch! Have a lovely day, and we hope to speak soon!

  • How much should I pay for branding?

    When we talk about branding, most people think about logos. And they’d be right. Well, kind of. Having a swish company logo is a great start. But you know that your company is so much more than a logo. In fact, without you, or your project, or your amazing team, or your very special customers, your logo is pretty useless. So when we talk about branding, we need to look at the company as a whole. Put on your sunglasses and look cool, it’s the Big Picture time! Sounds a bit silly, but we like to think of branding as the company’s ‘identity.’ How the company looks and talks, and it’s personality. Because, when you see a logo enough times you start to recognise the name; it feels like you know the company, and they become familiar. So if you ever need their product or services, you are likely to look them up. That’s why logos are amazing. And the more you can get your logo, or brand, out there, the better! Then we make some nice clear guidelines that keep all your written and visual materials consistent across all your marketing. So things like your branded workwear, social media banners, email designs, shop signage, website, letterheads, presentations and tender docs will all look nice and uniformed. Your social media posts will talk like your brand, and the pictures will all be in a nice consistent style. This means that, over time, people will come to recognise (and hopefully love!) your brand. Having branded templates and guidelines also keeps things nice and simple for your marketing team. Think of this as a uniform for all of your visuals and a voice for all of your copywriting. It sets the tone and look of everything related to your business, and makes you stand out from the crowd. Because we all love to be special, don’t we :) Well, I do like to be special… so how can we make my business look great and stand out? Okay so this is where things start to get fun! Here is the part where we get to make you look amazing. We’ve worked with start-up businesses and companies that have been going for the past 100 years, and everything in between. Over the four years, we’ve helped over 200 businesses with their branding, but the thing that excites us about marketing is that every project, and every business, is unique. And finding what is special in your business is key to developing your brand. So whether you need a fresh new brand, or a rebrand, we need to understand what your customers want and why they will choose you. We do competitor research, and we look at how we are going to position your brand differently. Then we present creative ideas to you, like colours, design choices and visuals; we learn what you love and what will work best to attract your target customers, and we continue to refine ideas until we find your brand. Ta daaa! It’s a process, but one that our customers (and us!) really enjoy. It’s quite amazing to see where you start vs the new brand. Anyway, we can’t admire the work for too long, because the next step is to develop  Brand Guidelines; this is the handy little book that makes your life so much easier. Inside you’ll have templates to help you make gorgeous marketing materials nice and quickly. So when you need a social media post or email campaign, you’ll just need to edit a template. We’ll make branded and editable Pitch Docs, so all you’ll need to do is tweak the info. If you need vehicle wraps, stationary designs, menus, workwear or letterheads, it’ll all be in your Brand Guidelines, so no matter how quickly you need something, you’ll never have to worry about looking unprofessional again! Sounds good! So what is my Brands voice again? This is just how your brand talks. Sounds a bit nuts again, but if all of your marketing talks the same, it does the same thing as your logo. Quite a few businesses around here play on the Yorkshire accent, and that’s a great way to give yourself a friendly personality. We always think your brand should talk like you do, so making sure that we get a tone that is approachable and reflects your business is key. All we do then is make sure that your brand voice is used consistently across all platforms. So anywhere your brand is talking, it should sound like you - your shop sign, your menu, your website and your social media should all sound the same - just like your logo! It’s about putting out messages that easily communicate what you do, in a style that will appeal to your perfect customer; think website copy, email content, social media content, article writing and brochure content. Consistent language choices and tone become the familiar voice of your company. And the more familiar you seem to your audience, the they’ll want to talk to you. A key thing people forget here is to be familiar and consistent across printed and online marketing content. Anything produced by, or associated with, your company should sound the same. Nail the tone, and people will make quick, subconscious connections between your content. And if they keep hearing you, they’ll keep thinking of your brand, and they’ll come and say hi when they need your product or service. Okay you’re brand now looks and sounds amazing! Um, and now what?! So you’ve got your branding sorted, but what do you do with it? Where will it be seen, and by who? What do you want people to think of when they see your brand? And how will you make more money? For this, we need to look at positioning and strategy; finding the right people, making introductions, getting familiar, and helping people to say hi to your brand. It’s like going to a party and making introductions. Social media, websites, paid advertising, blogs, SEO - where are your customers, and what is the best way to advertise your product or services? You need a marketing agency, and you need one fast! So how deep will I need to dig? It will differ depending on the marketing agency or digital agency you talk to. You’re lucky though, if you’re looking for a nice local marketing agency in Yorkshire, or a digital agency in Huddersfield, you’re likely to pay far less than our southern friends! (I’ll remind you of this at the end! ha) Okay so new brand. I mean, you can get a logo for free. But you can also cut your own hair. And if lockdown taught us one thing, it was not to cut your own hair… For a brand or a rebrand, expect to budget £500 up to £2,000 for a small business, and around £3,000 to over £5,000 for a medium sized, bricks and mortar business. Most agencies offer the complete branding experience. Tell them about your company, and they’ll get all excited and help develop the brand with you (I can say this as this is what I do!); they’ll turn your thoughts and ideas into incredible designs and words, and produce guidelines to keep the branding consistent across all platforms and materials. You’ll get templates to help you make future marketing materials quickly and independently too. Agency prices vary depending on the size of your business, location and project scope, but for a marketing agency in Yorkshire, expect to pay anywhere from £1,000 to £10,000 for a complete branding project. For a new website, expect to budget somewhere between £1500 and £5000. Each of our websites is unique and built to appeal to your target customer. Most of our websites are pretty straightforward builds, so 90% of our website projects come in under £2000; the other 10% are more expensive because they need some crazy functionality - you’ll know who you are! How long will it take? Again, this depends on how big the project is, and the capacity of the agency. As a Digital Agency in Huddersfield, we try our best to work in line with your ideal time frame. Some companies like to take the process a little longer, and others just want their new fresh brand now! A typical time scale is difficult as it varies so much from project to project, but our branding projects generally take anywhere between one to three months. A start-up or small business is typically a faster turn around as the owners tend to review works and updates faster, so it’s a speedier feedback process. Medium and large businesses tend to need pass work through various stages, teams or stakeholders, which naturally leads to a slower process. In short, we move at a speed you are comfortable with :) And no matter how long it takes, we always work closely with you to make sure we get that wow at the end of the project! Finding the right team for you! You might be searching Google for things like: Digital Agency Yorkshire. Or asking to find the best: Marketing Agency Huddersfield. And there will be lots! There are brilliant Digital Agencies in Huddersfield, and great Marketing Agencies in Yorkshire. You just need to find the right team for you! So if you think that we might be able to help, please get in touch 😊 Ready to see how we can help? You can call 07903731455 anytime to talk to Katie, or our office number is 01484 950560. Alternatively, ping us a message, and one of the team will be in touch! Have a lovely day, and we hope to speak soon!

  • A little guide to big marketing

    WHY SO COMPLICATED? Marketing is not complicated; it’s just an interesting conversation. Conversation, not monologue. With at least two people talking. It’s not about static poses, and pretty, forgettable faces, it’s about leaning out of the picture and asking questions too interesting to ignore. SO, STRIKE UP A CONVERSATION. THEN WHAT? Make friends. Hearing people’s questions, and answering them clearly, intelligently, and with some kind of personality should do it. What is your business trying to say? Who do we tell? And what questions will your audience want answering? When marketing nails these points, businesses become people, products becomes usable, and selling become fun.

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