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Social Media Management.

Social media can be a powerful tool for lead generation. It can also be a cost effective and efficient strategy for recruitment. Other businesses want to build better online relationships with their customers, show the people behind the business, share information and insights, boost brand presence, increase website traffic, engage internal teams, grow employee personal brands or create seamless digital communication channels. There are endless advantages to having impressive social media accounts, and we love seeing the results!

Content Creation

Whether you want to connect with your audience, showcase your latest project or product, or simply stay relevant, our social media magic can help. Think of us as your social media team! We work closely with you to understand your goals, and develop a social media strategy that will deliver results. Regular site visits and shoot days help us get fresh ideas, photography and video footage, then we make tailor-made content your audience will love. We then manage your social media platforms, and take care of the scheduling, posting, engagement and growth.

Content Performance

Sharing great campaigns, getting lots of engagement and growing online communities is amazing, but one of the favourite parts of our job is sharing the social results. That’s why we love our monthly marketing reviews! They gives us an opportunity to find out what’s happening in your business, what are you working towards, and to see how your social platforms can help. We also look at the previous months social media data and performance, and see how we can improve. 

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn is a great social business platform, and B2B businesses thrive here. Whether you want to boost the presence of your business account, or raise the profile of key individuals through personal branding, our social media magic stops people scrolling. Creative campaigns and interesting content is shared to your target audience, and with a nice mix of project/ product videos, meet the team pics, helpful and informative blogs, thought leadership articles and industry insights, your online community will grow. 

TikTok Video Creation

It’s no secret that TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform; B2C businesses, influencer marketing and personal brands love Tik Tok, and should be a key part of social strategy. But not everyone knows how much potential it has for B2B businesses, too. It’s not for every business, but when you get it right, it’s a powerful social platform. Don’t worry though, we won’t have you dancing. We’re always full of creative ideas, so the content really depends on your business, goals and target audience. 

Instagram Page Management

Want sexy marketing? Let’s look at Instagram! This is where we make brands stand out. There’s great potential for B2B and B2C businesses here, and we make anything and everything look gorgeous. Professional, inspiring content can help create new opportunities, grow brand presence, build online communities, and showcase your business in its very best light. Creative campaigns that include a nice mix of reels and photography work well. So if you have a great brand, or an impressive product, Instagram (and your new audience!) will love you!

Which Marketing Company or Digital Agency in Huddersfield is best?

There are amazing digital marketing agencies all across Yorkshire. And whilst we might be a little biased, and we’d love to put Marketing Yorkshire in the hat, we also think it’s all about finding the right team for you. If you’re after a local Huddersfield agency that will listen, that will get excited with you, and will deliver amazing results, you’ve found we might just be what you’re looking for. Get in touch to tell us a little more about your business, and to see how we could help.

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