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A new brand, or a rebrand, is an exciting fresh start. And when it’s done right, your brand will do amazing things for your business. When you’re in or around Huddersfield, or Yorkshire, or anywhere offline or online, you’ll spot brands you know. Whether it’s on the side of a van, on a social media post, or on a shop sign, brands are everywhere. And you know what they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. So let’s make your brand stand out and get the attention it deserves.

Brand Guidelines

So, we have an amazing logo. Now we need a brand guidelines document as reference for how to use it. We also need to develop a voice (or tone) for our brand. This means that all of our marketing talks the same. So when someone reads one of our social media posts, or reads a blog on our website, they all sound like the same person (or brand.) That’s where brand guidelines come in. They are a nice set of instructions that keeps our brand uniformed with the right colours, fonts and design layouts. It also includes templates and editable docs that makes it quicker and easier to make digital marketing collateral. This could include social media post templates, blog layouts, email campaign designs and editable tender docs.

Brochure and Collateral design

We love building brands that stand out in 2024 and beyond. So once we’ve got our brand and Brand Guidelines, we need to catch the eye of your target audience quickly online. The digital marketing world is exciting and fast, and to stay ahead, we need to keep our brand active, consistent and relevant. Our strategy and focus depends on your objectives and goals, but we support our partners with a full suite of branded online and offline materials. From branded brochures and eBrochures, to branded letterheads, social media posts, posters, internal communications documents, newsletters, email campaigns and articles/ publications - we take care of all your digital marketing needs, so that your brand always looks amazing.

Photography, Video Production and More

You could ask us to do a one-off logo and branding project. But following the brand launch, many of our clients ask us for full-service marketing support, too. Why? Well, when you’ve got a great looking brand, you want to get it out there! Your brand needs to be nice and consistent everywhere it’s seen. Letterheads, emails, eBrochures, flyers, posters, workwear, posters, articles, exhibition artwork and your website all need to be nice and uniformed. Your online and offline marketing materials need to put your brand guidelines to use. And this extends to your social media strategy and content, too. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, you’ll need great looking social media channels that are sharing great content, building online audiences and driving traffic to your website.

Which Marketing Company or Digital Agency in Huddersfield is best?

There are amazing digital marketing agencies all across Yorkshire. And whilst we might be a little biased, and we’d love to put Marketing Yorkshire in the hat, we also think it’s all about finding the right team for you. If you’re after a local Huddersfield agency that will listen, that will get excited with you, and will deliver amazing results, you’ve found we might just be what you’re looking for. Get in touch to tell us a little more about your business, and to see how we could help.

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Logo and Brand Design

A great logo design is a great start. Your logo will take pride of place on anything and everything related to your brand, including your website, social media banners, email footers, signage, workwear, fleet and digital marketing. We want your target audience to see your brand and take notice of it, so we learn about your business, your industry, your customers and your competitors, then develop design ideas for you to take a look at. That helps us find out what you like, and what you don’t like. From there, we develop and refine logo ideas based on your feedback, until we have perfected every bit of your brand. It sounds like a bit of a process, (and it is!), but luckily we love the process and we love working closely with our clients to get amazing results!

EV Charge & Drive

Check out some of our branding work.

Check out some of our branding work.

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