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Outdated Branding: Offsite had an impressive 30 year history, but the branding didn’t reflect the innovative and high-quality nature of their products.

Insufficient Online Presence: Their digital footprint, including their website and social media, lacked the impact needed to engage and convert potential clients

Limited Market Positioning: Offsite was not positioned effectively in the market to attract high-value contracts and potential buyers.

Short Timeline: The goal was to rebrand, grow, secure new contracts, and sell the business within five years, a significant challenge requiring efficient and effective strategies.

Working with Marketing Yorkshire over the past three years has been an absolute pleasure and a transformative experience for Offsite Factory Homes. From the outset, their team demonstrated incredible support and unmatched insight, guiding us through a comprehensive rebrand and marketing overhaul that exceeded all our expectations.

Marketing Yorkshire delivered on every front, from creating a striking new logo to developing a user-friendly, visually stunning website. There was always something exciting going on our social media platforms, and the high-quality marketing videos were loved by all of our team. In fact, our team always looked forward to shoot days."

Tony Fox
Managing Director - Offsite Factory Homes

Name of Product

Check out some of our branding work.

Name of Product

Check out some of our branding work.

Accelerated Business Sale: The business was successfully sold one year ahead of schedule, thanks to the enhanced market positioning and visibility.

Increased Engagement and Contracts: Social media engagement surged, and the captivating visuals and content secured significant contracts, including a prestigious partnership with Darwin Escapes Holiday Parks.

Strong Brand Recognition: Offsite’s rebranding and marketing efforts resulted in a recognizable and respected brand within the modular construction industry.

Enhanced Online Presence: The new website and improved SEO significantly boosted online traffic and lead generation.


Check out some of our work.

Offsite Factory Homes - The Beginning: Brand and Marketing 

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Offsite Factory Homes, renowned for their beautiful modular and offsite buildings, teamed up with Marketing Yorkshire to rebrand and reposition the company with a view to sell the business in five years. The products were gorgeous and the people were lovely, but the marketing just wasn’t quite there. Offsite was a lovely friendly business, but Tony and his team needed the sexy marketing magic to attract potential buyers and maximize their business's market appeal.

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