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Yorkshire Digital Agency Brings Life To Your Socials

Updated: Jun 26

The Basics: Talk Less Like A Stuffy Business, And More Like Yourself.

Hi, I’m Katie, and I’m one half of Marketing Yorkshire! Jake is the other half. We’re a family run business, and although Yorkshire is in our name, we’re not really from Yorkshire. We don’t even have Northern accents 😲. We're from the midlands originally, but we moved to Holmfirth to give our children a more welly-boots lifestyle. Fast forward five years, and our four mini people all love pies, and they say things like, ‘I didn’t say ‘owt’, so we feel very Yorkshire. The sheep and the adventures in the woods are cute. But the most special thing about Yorkshire? The people ♥. They are the friendliest faces you’ll ever meet. And we are the friendliest digital agency you’ll ever find. So we set up Marketing Yorkshire, and we haven’t looked back!

Man looking at Yorkshire Digital Agency
Yorkshire Digital Agency Brings Life To Your Socials

Marketing Company Yorkshire: best people, best service, best results.

As a Yorkshire Digital Agency, we work really hard to give our customers the best support. We’re always at the end of the phone, and we work closely with our clients to get the best results. Yes, there are amazing Digital Agencies and Marketing companies nationwide. But there is something extra special about Marketing Yorkshire. Even if we say so ourselves. There is a real honesty and openness here. People have time for you. They’ll help you. And they’ll welcome you as their own. People say what they think, and they help where they can. Everyone works hard, and everyone is proud. Everyone drinks lot a of tea, too. Except Jake, who drinks coffee 😂.

So what has this got to do with marketing? And how will this help your socials?

When you’re on LinkedIn or Facebook, think about how many posts you scroll past. What doesn’t catch your attention? It’s likely to be ads. They’re quite scroll-pastable. But also anything that sounds, well, dull. Lifeless. Corporate. Yuk. If your socials sound formal and politician-like, they’re probably not very, um social 😬.

But this isn’t hard to change. We just need some personality. And even if you ooze personality, you might struggle to pen that down. People usually fall into two categories:

  1. The overthinkers. You write a social media post. Then you re-draft, edit, tweak and twist the post into something that has lost all meaning. It’s just words. Probably lots of words. To save this, you either need to start again and stick to the key points, or you need to cut out the junk. Have one point to write about, and don’t deviate. Be nice and concise. Simple sentences, without too much fluff. Oh and an extra cheeky bonus? Any unrelated material and ideas can be saved and repurposed for another day, too!

  2. The nothing to say-ers. You’ve just had the busiest day. Month in fact. But you sit down to write a social media post about all of the amazing business updates, and you can’t think of one thing to write. You start to question: Will anyone enjoy reading this? Is this businessy enough? Will it be detrimental to share certain things online? And by questioning all of your amazing potential shares, you are left with nothing to share. Writing a post spontaneously can work. But for most, it’s best to jot down ideas in your Notes on your phone. Everyday occurrences. Things that make you smile when you’re at work. Little wins. Challenges you’ve helped your customers overcome. Your new work shirt you love. Literally anything and everything can be developed into useful content - and the more personality you share, the better!

Whatever you do, don’t talk like what you think a business should talk like. Just talk like yourself. A nice helpful human. 

And if you’re still struggling, we can help! As a Yorkshire Digital Agency, we’ve helped over 200 businesses with marketing and digital magic. And for us, the key is always people-focussed.

Why? Well, we’re trying to stamp out dull content. And also fake, lifeless content. On every App you scroll, you’ll find AI generated content. It’s fast to produce, it’s clever, and it’s everywhere. The World Economic Forum said researchers predict that as much as 90% of online content may be synthetically generated by 2026. 90% 😲.

But while AI is repurposing ideas and content, we’re busy sharing the new and interesting stuff 😏.

The Rise of AI: Cool, But Is It Personal?

You’ve probably noticed the rise of AI in marketing—content being churned out by machines, algorithms predicting what you want before you even know it yourself. It’s all very clever and, yes, it can be quite useful. But let’s face it, while AI can mimic human language, it often misses that personal touch that makes content truly engaging. It just doesn’t have that Yorkshireness. It’s like comparing a mass-produced cup of tea to one brewed just the way you like it. I like Yorkshire Tea with lots of milk, please!

Just Be Yourself

In Yorkshire, people buy from people. It's about sharing a laugh, catching up about your family, and connecting on a personal level. Because when you know your customer, you don’t need fancy jargon or flashy algorithms to get your message across. You just talk, like you would if you bumped into them at the shops.

And that personal touch is getting more and more important. Not just in Yorkshire. As digital agencies rely more on AI technology, and face to face communication is getting increasingly replaced by digital and online marketing, businesses have a golden opportunity to stand out. Instead of blending into the sea of AI-generated content, our unique voices can stand out. Our marketing strategies are all about sharing stories, experiences, and insights that only you can provide. After all, people connect with people, not machines.

Marketing Strategy: Yorkshire Agency Style

Marketing is about helping people, sharing information and connecting people. And when you do that, your sales increase too. We understand that effective marketing isn’t about throwing around buzzwords or confusing customers with complex language. It’s about keeping it simple, relatable, and genuine. So here’s how to create an honest and effective marketing strategy:

  1. Know Your Audience: Whether they’re a local farmer or a tech startup founder, we need to take the time to understand who they are and what they need.

  2. Speak Their Language: Forget business talk that leaves people scratching their heads. We explain what we do, and how we help, clearly and straightforwardly.

  3. Personal Touch: We create content that feels like a conversation. Imagine you’re chatting with a friend over a brew.

The Personal Touches

In a world where AI is becoming increasingly prevalent, it’s more important than ever to stick to what we do best: being human. We write in a nice natural tone to create content that people actually enjoy reading; our aim is to engage and build genuine connections. After all, that’s what marketing is all about.

Finding the right team for you!

You might be searching Google for things like: Digital Agency Yorkshire. Or asking to find the best: Marketing Agency Huddersfield. And there will be lots! There are brilliant Digital Agencies in Huddersfield, and great Marketing Agencies in Yorkshire. You just need to find the right team for you! If you think that we might be able to help, please get in touch 😊

Ready to see how we can help?

You can call 07903731455 anytime to talk to Katie, or our office number is 01484 950560. Alternatively, ping us a message, and one of the team will be in touch!

Have a lovely day, and we hope to speak soon!


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