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How Labour used TikTok to help win the General Election

It (hopefully!) goes without saying that social media did not win or lose the general election. But the digital marketing that led up to the general election was too tasty not to discuss. This blog isn’t really about politics. But whether you are red, blue, green, yellow (or any other colour!), we can all learn from the Tory’s 2024 TikTok marketing disaster. Oh sorry, campaigns.

So, when did political parties start using TikTok as part of their social media strategy?

Well, 2024. This was the first time TikTok has EVER been used as part of general elections marketing efforts. When the general election was called, Labour took the lead and set up an account. 

They started sharing entertaining topical posts, and whilst the content had clear political agendas and messages, the fun, short-form content was very TikTok friendly. Content was designed specifically for the platform, and for TikTok audiences. Queue memes, trending topics, and funny jabs at the Conservatives. Oh, and of course, Barry from Eastenders.

Conservatives took note, and Rishi Entered TikTok. But his marketing team or Digital Agency took a very different approach. Memes and Barry content were nowhere to be seen, and instead, a more straight-talking, conversational strategy was adopted. We saw this as a strategy to inform and connect with people. This campaign felt like it was designed to position Rishi as one of the people. He invited people to ask him questions, to address their concerns, and to set the record straight.

This approach and campaign could have worked well. People started asking Rishi questions on TikTok, and he answered. But the content flopped. The digital marketing and strategy was good in theory. But TikTok audiences simply did not like Rishi’s answers 🫣 😂

Meanwhile, Labour continued their campaign of memes and short form entertaining content. Their content spread their political message, made jabs at Rishi, and TikTok loved it. It outperformed traditional social media political content, engaged new audiences, and created new communities.

The content was so loved, that the Conservatives changed their marketing campaign. Their strategy to inform and invite conversation was scrapped. Instead, Rishi joined in with memes. 

Conservatives TikTok examples
Rule 1 of the internet

And whilst you have to applaud his digital marketing agency for their effort, you also know that you should never put your main man in front of a blank canvas 🤦‍♀️😂 

Labour’s incredible digital marketing agency responded with all the humour and wit you’d expect.

It’s been entertaining to watch the digital marketing efforts of the party’s evolve over the past few months, but it’s also a great reminder that it’s never too late to start social media marketing for your business. If your B2C or B2B business needs a hand with TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, we’d love to help!

Finding the right marketing team for you!

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